The Solution to Managing Your Guest and Clients Concerns

Don’t miss any more guest complaints or feedback that could help you improve your businesses customer service and maximize your guest’s experience.

    A Smart Way to Manage
    your Guests and Clients

    Resolving customer complaints has never been easier. Our hotel management system lets you create actionable tasks, communicate them to your team and directly contact the guest once you’ve resolved the issue.

    Manage guest complaints and compliments

    Record feedback from guests

    Get feedback at all stages

    Identify unhappy guests or complaints and nip them in the bud before they check-out, leaving no room for a bad review! Capture valuable feedback during a guest stay or on checkout using our Live Feedback system form.

    We also capture information from feedback cards, guest feedback or complaints from colleagues or managers and automated email feedback

    Follow up and find out what guests thought of their experience after check-out using our Guest Feedback tool. Helping you improve your customer service or post what they loved about their experience on TripAdvisor and Google.

    Resolve issues and keep a record

    Keep track of all hotel complaints and compliments across all departments within your hotel.

    Management meetings have never been easier.

    Our case management reporting system lets you dive into every department and identify:

    • Outstanding tasks,
    • Concerns
    • Positive feedback
    • Trends over time
    • Cost of complaints
    Resolving customer complaints
    Monitor guest complaints

    Monitor staff and customer service

    Identify potential training requirements for staff and departments as a result of reoccurring concerns. Or reward excellent staff as a result of the superstar service report.

    Valuable reporting in all departments

    Never receive the same complaint again. Identify regular customer complaints, or compliments, from your guest bedrooms, spa, restaurant or right through to your golf and leisure centre.

    Report on guest complaints and compliments
    Contact guests directly and resolve guest complaints

    Contact guests directly

    Make complaint handling easy. Resolut!on’s dashboard provides guest contact details with a timeline of the complaint from start to finish, so rest assured you have all the details to hand when resolving the issue.

    Manage reviews from all over the web

    Are you constantly checking your Tripadvisor or Google My Business pages for reviews? Resolut!on means you no longer need to! Get all your online reviews from Tripadvisor, Google & Trustpilot in Resolut!on. We notify you when you receive an online review, and you can respond in your dashboard.

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