How it works

Resolut!on Overview

Capture guest feedback at every stage of your guest's stay, even after they check out

Live Feedback Tool – enables you to capture real-time feedback from colleagues whether it's positive feedback or guest concerns.

Guest Feedback – we can tailor our system to replicate questions from your guest feedback cards and even send them out to guests by email or a bespoke link after their stay. Use their testimonials as genuine reviews for your website.

Reputation Manager – Gather reviews from across the internet and pull them into our system to manage your response after they’ve been collected from TripAdvisor, Google, Trustpilot and more.

Instant notifications

Keep up to date 24/7

Instant email notifications will notify you of live real-time feedback, guest survey completions and when someone posts an online review!

You can also choose to get notified of the progress of each complaint.

Use your hotel guest feedback to improve customer satisfaction, online reviews and increase repeat business

Resolut!on doesn’t just help you capture feedback. We help you manage your hotel guest feedback, improve your guests' experience, track costs, change procedures and monitor your staff.  Move away from clunky spreadsheets or post-it notes to a seamless, controlled system that saves YOU time and money.

Update and manage your cases

Once a guest has left a complaint or compliment a team member logs the task in your dashboard.

The tasks page allows you to:

  • Add notes
  • Take action and contact the guest
  • Add urgency and log when a complaint needs actioning
  • Document the cost to resolve the complaint
  • Change procedures
  • Assign to other staff members in other departments
  • Amend the status of tasks
  • Update in PMS system


Resolut!on’s reporting allows you to understand every granular detail of your hotel. Providing analysis through department and colleague filters

Reporting measures:

  • Concerns and common complaints
  • Good feedback and compliments
  • Procedure changes
  • Analysis of trends over time
  • Staff performance
  • Aggregated promoter score
  • Costs of resolving complaints
  • User stats

Our specialist support throughout

Once you're all set up, we will provide portal training for all colleagues to ensure you are getting the full benefit of what Resolut!on has to offer.

As a Resolut!on client, you will have a dedicated account manager to assist you and provide in-depth analysis through monthly reports that are tailored to your business.

Client feedback is important to our Resolut!on experts and they are on hand to assist with any queries and feedback you may have. Go to our Contact Us page to get in touch or give us a call 01423 225166

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